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A highlight of Austrian-Bohemian cuisine made from curd cheese dough and beaten egg whites. Served with traditional plum roaster.
Variation of different sorbets according to season. A cold, sweet and fruity finale
Allergens: Sulfites (O)
Homemade jam pancakes freshly prepared in the pan.
Homemade pancakes with chopped nuts, chocolate sauce and whipped cream.
Iced apricot dumplings from Tichy: The finest vanilla cream with apricots, grated roasted hazelnuts and whipped cream.
Drawn apple strudel with a filling of sweet and sour apples, dark raisins and breadcrumbs roasted in butter.
Abe red semi-hard cheese, blue snow blue cheese, mountain cheese, crème de chevre (soft goat's cheese)
Allergens: Gluten (A), Milk (G)

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