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Boiled beef, classically prepared, with rösti, soup vegetables, creamed spinach and 2 different sauces.
Viennese onion roast from a juicy piece of roast beef, with fried onions and roast potatoes
Wiener Schnitzel of veal, traditionally prepared, served with potato salad.
Naturally roasted, plated piece of veal in natural juice, served with buttered rice.
The best piece of local fish with fruity pumpkin and homemade potato sack.
Gently roasted veal liver in a delicately spicy sauce with parsley apples.
Our baked veal liver is a culinary homage to the legendary Grete Novak. As tradition dictates, we serve it with mayonnaise salad.
Cordon blue of turkey, crispy baked, juicy and filled with cheese and ham.

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